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May Activities

Book of the Month

Waves : Physical Science for Kids

by Andi Diehn (Paperback)

Waves: Physical Science for Kids from the Picture Book Science series gets kids excited about science!
Have you ever floated on waves in the ocean? Have you ever stood in a human wave at a baseball game?
Waves are all around us! You can find waves in a field of wheat, in a dangling string, in a slinky, and in flags that are blowing in the breeze. There are even invisible waves! Sunlight and sound move in waves, and cell phones and microwaves use waves to transmit voices and to cook food. You can hear your mom say, “Hello,” on the cell phone because of waves.
Waves: Physical Science for Kids is a fun, illustrated introduction to the concept of waves and energy and their presence in our world. In this nonfiction picture book, elementary school children learn to spot all the different kinds of waves they encounter in daily life by finding real-world science connections. Simple vocabulary, detailed illustrations, easy science experiments, and a glossary all support exciting learning for kids ages 5 to 8. Perfect for beginner readers or as a read aloud nonfiction picture book!

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Craft of the Month

"An appropriate gift for one teacher might not do the trick for another, so we made sure to suggest plenty of great ideas to choose from for a variety of different tastes, styles and more! Now based on your favorite teachers taste, you can choose an innovative gift.

The goal here is this – while teachers appreciate your gifts, they don’t want you to spend loads of money on gifts that won’t get a lot of use or aren’t from the heart.  They remember the gifts that make them feel special, help them to take a “time out” from the stress of their work, and reinforce the value of the time they spend with our kids."

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