February Activities


Book of the month

Never Ask a Dinosaur to Dinner

by Gareth Edwards
This fun, rhyming read-aloud will guide young children through the bedtime routine. Would you ask a dinosaur to dinner? Would you share your toothbrush with a shark? Through a series of amusing mishaps, a young boy learns that a dinosaur, a shark, a tiger, and other animals will not help him get a good night's sleep. Instead, he holds a teddy bear and counts sheep, realizing that they are the animals best suited for the bedtime routine. Gareth Edwards' rhyming read-aloud text is brought to life with the fun, charming art of Guy Parker-Rees, the bestselling illustrator of "Giraffes Can't Dance "
Courtesy of  thriftbooks.com

Craft Of the Month

Paper Plate Dinosaurs

Create a Stegosaurus or Apatosaurus paper plate dinosaur craft with your kids this Valentine’s Day. Super cute and simple craft for everyone to enjoy.

Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft Instructions:

What you will need:

​• Paper plates (preferably ones with ribbed edging)
• Glue
• Googly eyes
• Paintbrush and paint
• Round Sponge Brushes


The first part is to cut the paper plate in half.

One half is the body and the other half will be used to create the rest of the dinosaur pieces.

Cut around the outside of one half and use the part with the ripples to make the dinosaurs plates.

Then you can use the leftover to cut out the head, tail, and feet.

Courtesy of  thriftbooks.com